Cisco IT Essentials Chapter 9 Exam

Cisco IT Essentials Chapter 9 Exam Answers



What are two important outcomes of good computer and network security? (Choose two.)

keep equipment functioning

expose confidential information

allow unrestricted network access

reduce available network resources

provide access only to authorized users



Which three questions should be addressed by organizations developing a security policy? (Choose three.)

What items need to be protected?

How should the items be protected?

What is to be done in the case of a security breach?

When do the items need protecting?

What insurance coverage is required?

What are the possible threats to the items?



A company network was subjected to several security attacks after TCP/IP had been installed on the company computers. Analysis has shown that in most of the attacks, attackers used network sniffers to extract user names and passwords of critical accounts on the network. Which type of TCP/IP attack did these attackers deploy?

denial of service

ping of death


SYN flood



A technician has downloaded the latest Windows XP updates from the Microsoft website. What should the technician do before installing the updates?

Create a restore point.

Manually update the Last Known Good Configuration.

Reinstall the antivirus software.

Change the firewall rules to enable the installer to access port 8900 of the Microsoft server.



At which step of the troubleshooting process will a computer technician ask the customer a series of open-ended and closed-ended questions?

Document findings.

Identify the problem.

Implement a solution.

Determine an exact cause.



Why should everyone in an organization give high priority to computer and network security?

because antivirus software often does not work

because computer and network security is included in every job description

because everyone can be affected by computer and network security problems

because computer and network security is the primary responsibility of every employee




Refer to the exhibit. What is the correct order for the steps in the troubleshooting process?

2, 4, 5, 3, 1, 6

2, 5, 4, 3, 6, 1

5, 4, 2, 3, 6, 1

3, 5, 4, 2, 6, 1



For troubleshooting security problems, what should be done immediately after the exact cause of the problem is determined?

Document the findings.

Verify full system functionality.

Establish a theory of probable causes.

Establish a plan of action for resolution.



Which two actions improve security on a wireless network? (Choose two.)

Enable WEP.

Broadcast the default SSID.

Keep the default administrator password for the access point.

Enable MAC filtering.



A large number of e-mail messages are appearing in the inbox of a home computer user. The messages relate to products for which the user has never requested information. Which name is given to this type of e-mail?







A computer that is configured for automatic updates is shut down during a scheduled update. However, the update is downloaded successfully without any file being corrupted in the process. What will happen to the update as a result of this shutdown?

Notification for downloading available updates will be displayed when the computer is rebooted.

The update will be lost.

The update for the computer will be queued on the website.

The update will be installed as soon as the computer is powered on.



Which best practice should be included in a password protection policy?

Encourage users to document passwords in a personal file.

Enforce password protection at the BIOS level.

Implement lockout rules upon consecutive unsuccessful attempts at accessing the system.

Restrict passwords to text-based strings.



Which two questions are examples of open-ended questions that could be used in the security troubleshooting process? (Choose two.)

Have you shared your password?

Is your security software up to date?

What problems are you experiencing?

What websites have you visited recently?

Have you scanned your computer recently for viruses?



How can web tools, such as Java or ActiveX, be used for a malicious attack?

by altering the interactivity level of a web page

by creating popup windows

by causing the web browser to crash, leaving the system vulnerable

by installing unwanted programs on a computer



What is a signature as the term is used in antivirus and antispyware software development?

a system restore point

a software removal tool

an operating system patch

a programming code pattern



Which precaution helps protect against social engineering in the workplace?

disclosing passwords to company personnel only

guiding visitors within the premises and escorting them personally when they leave

keeping hidden from public view any passwords that are posted in the work area

sharing access cards with other employees



What are two examples of malware? (Choose two.)

registry cleaner

pop-up blocker






Which security device stores user physical characteristics to provide a user level of facility access?

a biometric sensor

a card key

a key fob

a smart card



What condition can allow unauthorized access to a network for users who are not physically connected to the network?

exposed network cables

active jacks in public areas

poor wireless device security

unattended PCs that are logged into the network



What must be done to ensure that the antivirus software on a computer is able to detect and eradicate the most recent viruses?

Download the latest signature files on a regular basis.

Schedule a scan once a week.

Schedule antivirus updates using Windows Task Manager.

Follow the firewall configuration guidelines on the antivirus manufacturer website.

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