Cisco IT Essentials Chapter 14 Exam

Cisco IT Essentials Chapter 14 Exam



Which two items can help extend the life of an inkjet printer? (Choose two.)

driver version

type of ink

type of operating system

paper type

type of print server

type of cable to connect to the PC



Users from the art department are complaining that the inkjet printer is producing spotty and streaked printouts. What can be recommended to resolve this problem?

Restore the printer quality to normal setting.

Replace the print head.

Check the printer manual for RAM specifications.

Clean the print head by running the cleaning utility.



A technician is installing network printer software and drivers on a Windows Vista computer. At the Select a Printer stage the technician wants to install a printer that is not listed. Which two methods are available to identify and select the required printer? (Choose two.)



IP address

printer type




A technician needs to set up multiple printers in an office so that multiple users can access the printers without using the resources of any client computers. What is the best solution to meet these needs?

computer-shared printers

directly attached printers

a dedicated PC print server

a print spooler service enabled on each PC



What two solutions would fix the problem that occurs when every page that is printed by a laser printer produces lines or streaks? (Choose two.)

Replace the drum.

Update the printer driver.

Set the printer to the Use Printer Online option.

Remove and shake the toner cartridge.

Use the cleaning utility to clean the cartridge nozzles.



A technician is installing a new inkjet printer. The printer has successfully printed test pages. Which task also verifies the functionality of an inkjet printer after installing the printer driver?

sending print jobs for at least two minutes to verify the printer speed.

configuring the highest resolution before printing to check the printer memory

using different types of paper trays for special paper sizes

using only new paper sheets to determine any pre-existing problem with the print head



A technician is trying to allow user access to a printer on a small network. Which solution is the lowest in cost?

wired print server

dedicated PC print server

computer-shared printer

wireless print server

on-demand PC print server



Users working in humid environments notice that documents printed by a laser printer are of poor quality. It is discovered that the printer is unable to attach toner to the paper. What is the most likely cause of the problem?

The environment damaged the drum.

The laser printer cartridge was refilled.

The incorrect type of paper is being used.

The toner is damp from the humidity and is unable to develop.

The paper absorbed moisture from the air and is damp.



Which printer component can be upgraded to improve the buffering capabilities of the printer?



special media tray

wireless network card



Which two scanner options are used to improve document or image scans? (Choose two.)

resolution changes

output file format

printing capacity

source image size

input file format



Which two methods are often used to connect a lower-cost printer to a Windows XP network? (Choose two.)

Use a separate print server.

Download a network-compliant driver.

Update to a networking firmware.

Connect to a networked computer and share the printer.

Install a NIC to the printer.

Install a Bluetooth adapter in the printer.



For a user or technician performing maintenance on a dot matrix printer, what potential safety hazard does a print head present?

cuts from sharp blades

burns from hot surfaces

illness from toxic chemicals

electrocution from high voltages



Which type of port is used for low-speed dot matrix printers?








Which type of printing option should be implemented to allow a user to change settings for each document sent to the printer?








Which path will allow a user to add a printer in Windows XP?

Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Hardware > Add Printer

Start > Control Panel > Printers and Faxes > Find a Printer

Start > System > Printers and Faxes > Add a Shared Printer

Start > Control Panel > Printers and Faxes > Add a Printer



What can a technician do to reduce the time a user must wait when large print jobs are sent to the printer?

Change to a networking operating system.

Upgrade the operating system.

Add more RAM to the printer. [WRONG]

Change to a newer version of the firmware.

Reinstall the print driver.



Which Windows component allows the Windows operating system to output graphics to a computer screen or print device?








Which two printer components can retain high voltages even after the printer has been unplugged? (Choose two.)

corona wire

transfer roller

toner cartridge

thermal inkjet nozzle

dot matrix print head

piezoelectric inkjet nozzle



A technician has completed the routine maintenance service for all the printers in the accounting department. Which action helps ensure that the next routine maintenance service is performed at the correct time?

Reset the printer.

Print an extended test page.

Upgrade printer firmware.

Print the maintenance page.

Install available patches from the manufacturer.

Reset the counters.



Which two scanning settings can significantly affect the size of the image file? (Choose two.)




color inversion

color correction

output file format

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