Cisco IT Essentials Chapter 5 Exam

Cisco IT Essentials Chapter 5 Exam Answers

A technician has installed new video drivers on a Windows XP computer and now the monitor shows distorted images. What startup mode can the technician use to access a new driver on the network?
Safe Mode
Safe Mode with Networking Support
Real Mode with Networking Support
Safe Mode with Rollback Support

Which mode allows applications that are not compatible with the current operating system to run in an environment that simulates an earlier operating system?
real mode
protected mode
virtual real mode
compatibility mode

Which operating mode is used by Windows XP to run a DOS application?
protected mode
64-bit mode
virtual real mode
real mode

A technician has a computer that is unable to boot Windows XP properly. The technician has decided that it is necessary to attempt a repair of XP. Which utility will be run if the technician selects Repair XP from the XP boot disk?
Recovery Console
Windows Disk Manager
fix /mbr

Once minimum hardware requirements are satisfied, where should a technician look to determine if the computer hardware has been tested with Windows XP?
the Microsoft Compatibility Assistant
the Windows XP Hardware Compatibility List
the Microsoft Knowledge Base
the Windows XP manual

A technician has finished installing Windows XP. What should the technician do to verify that all hardware has been installed correctly?
Run HWINFO.EXE to verify that all devices are listed.
Use the Windows XP Msconfig utility to prove that all the devices are operational.
Use the Windows XP Testall utility to confirm that the devices are operational.
Use the Device Manager utility to ensure that all the devices are operational.

A user decides to install a new version of Windows Vista but needs to retain the configurations and customizations of the current Windows XP operating system. Which software can be used to achieve this?
Windows Task Manager
Windows Vista Setup Wizard
Microsoft Management Console
Windows User State Migration Tool

Which two operating systems can function correctly on a system with 64 MB of RAM? (Choose two.)
Windows XP Home
Windows XP Professional
Windows XP Media Center
Windows Vista Home Basic
Windows Vista Home Premium

Which registry file contains information about the hardware and software in the computer system?

What are two features of the Microsoft Management Console (MMC)? (Choose two.)
MMC logs a history of application events.
It organizes operating system snap-ins.
It can be used to create customized MMCs.
It displays computer performance information.
It enables virtual memory settings to be customized.

When troubleshooting a printer problem, a technician finds that the operating system was automatically updated with a corrupt device driver. Which solution would resolve this issue?
Roll back the driver.
Restart both the computer and the printer.
Scan the downloaded driver file with a virus scanner.
Use the Last Known Good Configuration to restart the computer.

Which directory contains Windows XP OS system files?
C:\Program Files
C:\Documents and Settings

A company with 40 computers needs to reduce repair costs, decrease downtime, and improve reliability. Which task will meet these needs?
Enact a comprehensive security policy.
Upgrade all the operating systems.
Develop a preventive maintenance plan.
Create an Automated System Recovery CD.

Which set of guidelines is used to ensure that programmers develop applications that are compatible with an operating system?

A technician thinks that the file system on a computer has a problem because Windows XP is reporting data integrity issues. Which Windows XP utility will check the file system for errors?

What would be the result of having a corrupt Master Boot Record?
A new application will fail to install.
The operating system will fail to start.
The printer will function incorrectly.
The keyboard will be unresponsive to the user.

A technician needs to upgrade the file system on a Windows XP computer from FAT32 to NTFS. Which course of action should be taken to upgrade the file system to NTFS?
Format all the existing files with the NTFS File tool.
Create a new NTFS partition and copy the files into the new partition. The existing partition can not be changed.
Run the Microsoft Convert utility.
Overwrite the FAT32 file system with NTFS. Files will automatically be added to the new file system.

How much RAM can be addressed by a 64-bit operating system?
4 GB maximum
16 GB maximum
32 GB maximum
64 GB maximum
128 GB or more

When a computer boots from the Windows Vista disc, which three functions are performed if the Custom (advanced) option is selected? (Choose three.)
Existing files and settings are kept.
Changes to disk partitions can be made.
A clean copy of Windows Vista is installed.
The existing Windows installation is repaired.
The location of the Windows installation can be selected.
The Recovery Console can be used to repair the Master Boot Record.

What is the term for the ability of an operating system to run multiple applications at the same time?

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